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Tile visuals are now so realistic, that it is replacing natural stone on a daily basis.  Tile offers many options in sizes and finish which means there is always something new to see.  Cost Less Carpet inventories over 1,000,000 square feet of tile, so there is always lots to choose from.  From 24”x48” to the smallest 2”x2” tile, Cost Less Carpet has the latest selection of porcelain tile in-stock for you! 

6×36 – TILE SIZE


6x36 Hill House HH02 Greige

6×36 Hill House HH02 Greige

6x36 Lakeland Blanco

6×36 Lakeland Blanco

6x36 Lakeland Haya

6×36 Lakeland Haya


8×8 Dec Optical


8×8 Dec Space

8 1/2 x 33 – TILE SIZE

8×24 – TILE SIZE

8.5x33 Retro Country

8 1/2 x 33 Retro Country

8.5x33 Retro Deep

8 1/2 x 33 Retro Deep

8x24 Arlette Blanco

8×24 Arlette Blanco

8x24 Arlette Gris

8×24 Arlette Gris

8x24 Arlette Vision

8×24 Arlette Vision

30×30 – TILE SIZE

8×72 – TILE SIZE

30x30 Calcutta Michalangelo

30×30 Calcutta Michalangelo

8x72 Kuni

8×72 Kuni

9×47 – TILE SIZE

12 or 18 – TILE SIZE

9x47 Bone MT Myrce

9×47 Bone MT Myrce

9x7 Mrycella Grey

9×47 Mrycella Grey

9x47 Myrrell Mocca

9×47 Myrrell Mocca

12or18 1 Unicom Multicolor

12 or 18 1 Unicom Multicolor

12or18 Unicom Multicolor

12 or 18 Unicom Multicolor

12×12 – TILE SIZE

12x12 Balans BA30

12×12 Balans BA30

12x12 Balans BA31

12×12 Balans BA31

12x12 Balans BA32

12×12 Balans BA32

12x12 Balans BA33

12×12 Balans BA33

10×39 – TILE SIZE

10x39 Forever Olivo

10×39 Forever Olivo

10x39 Forever Robie

10×39 Forever Robie

12×24 – TILE SIZE

12x24 Antique Florence

12×24 Antique Florence

12x24 Appia Ivory

12×24 Appia Ivory

12x24 Appia White

12×24 Appia White

12x24 Aqua Nero Polished

12×24 Aqua Nero Polished

12x24 Arkon Perla

12×24 Arkon Perla

12x24 Charisma White

12×24 Charisma White

12x24 Bone White

12×24 Bone White

12x24 Cusset Perla

12×24 Cusset Perla

12x24 Carbone Matte

12×24 Carbone Matte

12x24 Cardoso Corda

12×24 Cardoso Corda

12x24 Cardoso Grigio

12×24 Cardoso Grigio

12x24 Carrara Gris

12×24 Carrara Gris

12x24 Charisma Silver

12×24 Charisma Silver

12x24 Blue Savoy

16×24 Blue Savoy

12x24 Geotech Light

12×24 Geotech Light

12x24 Emperador Alexander

12×24 Emperador Alexander

12x24 Evolution Grey

12×24 Evolution Grey

12x24 Evolution Perla

12×24 Evolution Perla

12x24 Genova Blanco

12×24 Genova Blanco

12x24 Gridscale Concrete

12×24 Gridscale Concrete

12x24 Gridscale Graphite

12×24 Gridscale Graphite

12x24 Gridscale Gris

12×24 Gridscale Gris

12x24 Gridscale Ice

12×24 Gridscale Ice

12x24 H24 Black

12×24 H24 Black

12x24 H24 Moka

12×24 H24 Moka

12x24 Implessions Glacier

12×24 Implessions Glacier

12x24 Ivory Lux Polished

12×24 Ivory Lux Polished

12x24 Koncrete 01

12×24 Koncrete 01

12x24 Koncrete KC02 Beige

12×24 Koncrete KC02 Beige

12x24 Koncrete KC03 Greige

12×24 Koncrete KC03 Greige

12x24 Koncrete KC04 Grey

12×24 Koncrete KC04 Grey

12x24 Legacy Taupe

12×24 Legacy Taupe

12x24 Legacy White

12×24 Legacy White

12x24 Livingstone Bianco

12×24 Livingstone Bianco

12x24 Livingstone Melange

12×24 Livingstone Melange

12x24 MD05 Soft Cloud

12×24 MD05 Soft Cloud

12x24 MD07 Desert Sand

12×24 MD07 Desert Sand

12x24 MD09 Stormy Sky

12×24 MD09 Stormy Sky

12x24 Metallic Charcoal

12×24 Metallic Charcoal

12x24 Serpentino Blanco

12×24 Serpentino Blanco

12x24 Metropolis Cloud

12×24 Metropolis Cloud

12x24 Modena Grey

12×24 Modena Grey

12x24 SA04 Meta White

12×24 SA04 Meta White

12x24 Pietra Calcatta Polished

12×24 Pietra Calcatta Polished

12x24 Port Laurent

12×24 Port Laurent

12x24 Reverso Silver

12×24 Reverso Silver

12x24 Reverso White

12×24 Reverso White

Duomo Blanco 12x24

12×24 Duomo Blanco

Blanco Statuary Polished 12x24

12×24 Blanco Statuary Polished

12x24 Shabby Grigio

12×24 Shabby Grigio

12x24 Shabby Tortora

12×24 Shabby Tortora

12x24 Super White Wind Gloss

12×24 Super White Wind Gloss

12x24 Super White Wind Matte

12×24 Super White Wind Matte

12x24 Taupe Lux Polished

12×24 Taupe Lux Polished

12x24 Trav Elegante Silver

12×24 Trav Elegante Silver

12x24 Veneto Noce

12×24 Veneto Noce

12x24 Veneto White

12×24 Veneto White

12x24 White Lux Polished

12×24 White Lux Polished

12x24 Xmetal Palladio

12×24 Xmetal Palladio

12x24 Pietra Statuary Polished

12×24 Pietra Statuary Polished

12x24 Magis Light Grey Lux Polished

12×24 Magis Light Grey Lux Polished

Chamonix Dark Gray 12x24

12×24 Chamonix Dark Gray

Chamonix Gray 12x24

12×24 Chamonix Gray

Chamonix Beige 12x24

12×24 Chamonix Beige

12x24 Duomo Blanco

12×24 Duomo Blanco

10x24 Statuary Blanco

12×24 Statuary Blanco

14×29 – TILE SIZE

16×32 – TILE SIZE

14x29 Amalfi Beige

14×29 Amalfi Beige

14x29 Amalfi Bianco

14×29 Amalfi Bianco

14x29 Amalfi Gris

14×29 Amalfi Gris

18×36 – TILE SIZE

20×20 – TILE SIZE

24×24 – TILE SIZE

18x36 Lux Black

18×36 Lux Black

18x36 Lux Graphite

18×36 Lux Graphite

18x36 Lux Superwhite

18×36 Lux Superwhite

20x20 Thrill Walnut

20×20 Thrill Walnut

24x24 Oxidart Black

24×24 Oxidart Black

24×48 – TILE SIZE

29×29 – TILE SIZE

24x48 Sahara Noir Black

24×48 Sahara Noir Black

24x48 Sahara Noir White

24×48 Sahara Noir White

24x48 Statvario Imperial

24×48 Statvario Imperial

29x29 Prestige BL Antique Matte

29×29 Prestige BL Antique Matte

29x29 Prestige BL Ant Polished

29×29 Prestige BL Ant Polished

24x48 Praia Carrara Matte

24×48 Praia Carrara Matte

24x48 Novabell Marfil

24×48 Novabell Marfil

24x48 Statuario Lev Rett

24×48 Statuario Lev Rett