Backsplashes and Accents

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At Cost Less Carpet you will find a huge selection of in-stock mosaics and backsplash tile. We carry all the latest colors, shapes and styles. Stop by one of our stores today and we can help turn your dreams into a reality!

2x8 Alcove

2×8 Alcove

2x8 Atrium

2×8 Atrium

2x8 Studio-1

2×8 Studio 1

3x6 Almond

3×6 Almond

3x6 Light Grey

3×6 Light Gray

3x6 Rhino Grey

3×6 Rhino Grey

3x12 Chimney Corner

3×12 Chimney Corner

3x12 Flow Dark Gray-1

3×12 Flow Dark Gray 1

3x12 Flow Dark Gray

3×12 Flow Dark Gray

3x12 Flow Tender Gray-1

3×12 Flow Tender Gray 1

3x12 Flow Tender Gray-2

3×12 Flow Tender Gray 2

3x12 Flow White

3×12 Flow White

3x12 Mantle Piece

3×12 Mantle Piece

3x12 White Ash

3×12 White Ash